Fan Fiction vs. Canon... Can We Keep It All Straight?

I'd been thinking a lot about my own perception of blurred lines of "canon" created by the multitude of fan fiction retellings or renegotiations of story lines, character traits, and imagined backstories. My memory of HP facts has been failing me recently. I've really only noticed when mugglenet.com tweets a quiz or question that I could have easily answered at some point, but now draw a blank.  I definitely have a flawed memory of certain events in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, now that I've written three fanfics of my own, addressing the most horrible injustices in Harry's life that occurred when he was 15.

But now the new stories have come out, and I'm not keeping up with them (yet). I've wondered if the saturation of fan fiction would begin to dwindle down in the world of original Harry Potter fandom, now nearly 10 years after the release of the last book, perhaps redirecting to The Cursed Child, or to Fantastic Beasts.

One day a few weeks back,  I saw this comment on reddit addressing the subject and find it thought provoking at the very least and thought I'd share:

Comment from discussion Do you consider Cursed Child as canon?.



A Humorous Jaunt in Post Deathly Hallows Terrain

Hooligans by rdholmantx
hosted by ThePetulantPoetess.com

I did a random search through the newest listings on TPP last night and found Hooligans, and gave it a try. This is a Post-DH story that disregards the Epilogue (I chuckle with glee every time I read the "Epilogue? What Epilogue?" rating on P-DH stories). We enter the author's take on Severus Snape awakening about a month after the Final Battle having survived Nagini's attack and having been secretly hospitalized and comatose for the duration. Harry and Hermione are there, keeping a vigilant watch, and stay with him through his release and take him back to Spinner's End. They have a game plan, in which Snape will remain Headmaster of Hogwarts for a couple more years while all of the younger stars of the Final Battle (Hermione, Harry, Neville, Earnie, even Draco) apprentice towards teaching positions in their respective strongest subjects.

I liked the game plan, but wasn't sure about the OOC take on Snape's post coma persona until I'd stuck with it through the second chapter. By that point, I was hooked. This Severus Snape loves junk food, fast food, muggle music and televised sports. Rdholmantx has a droll wit and great comedic timing as she carries us through her tale of post war psychological angst and misbehavior. We are treated to Snape's, Harry's, and Hermione's perspectives as we go along. I laughed out loud regularly as I read, but chapter eleven literally had me howling. Hilarious! We're up to chapter twelve as of today. Check it out!


Everytime I think I've found a new fave, I stumble upon yet another talented storyteller!

Tea and Sympathy, by Jocemum
hosted by the OWL, a part of The-Leaky-Cauldron.org

This is a very well written tale that begins right after Dumbledore's murder and is canon-compliant to that point. Hermione is contacted by Snape and convinced he is still actively working for the Order of the Phoenix. Hogwarts is shut down, but Hermione, Ron, Harry, Neville, are Luna are all housed there with the other Professors while the search for the remaining Horcruxes continues. Hermione is secretly assisted by Snape and a bond forms between them. Draco returns to the castle and is secretly housed as well.

The author stays true to the characters while taking the story in a direction that I found deeply satisfying. As a fantastic bonus, she wrote a companion piece called Coffee and Enmity (also hosted by the OWL). This short story fills in a time gap from Harry and Snape's perspective. It is a wonderful, all too brief "Snape mentors Harry" piece that was really pleasing!

I had a great time with these 2 stories!