Can't help but think of Remus Lupin each and every time I see a full moon. This week especially!!


I'd caught this last spring and then lost track. This is my idea of fantastic creative expression. This is how character driven fiction can change your life, your world! The Harry Potter fandom has certainly caught me in its spell. Can't get enough.

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Attention Hostile Reviewers: Its "fan" FICTION. Don't like it? Move on!

I've written 3 fanfics of my own and posted them on facficion.net. Each one is written in my style: character bonding first, and then mayhem. That's how I roll, and I make no apology. I like sentiment, mixed with peril, mixed with snark, and finally more sentiment. If you read my stories, the journey you experience makes you feel like you've also overcome one heck of a hardship just like the charcters, and you have been introduced to your own inner badass along the way. You'll know the heroes as well as they know each other, and when you finish, you'll have that Life is good! kind of feeling.

That's my product. That's the cre8tvdeb brand.

So, I finished the last of the 3 stories in June of 2014, and have since enjoyed watching the traffic to my work and readers adding one or all to their favorites list, and getting the occasional review. Those positive reviews feel fantastic.

The chiding confrontations about how I'm stepping outside of canon for someone's favorite character are understandable. I certainly feel that disappointment when I'm reading a story that takes a turn I don't like. So, those constructive criticism reviews are also all good.

It's the hostile ones that boggle my mind. And typically, the reviewer posts as a guest so that I can't respond to their nasty diatribe. But occasionally a reader posts through their account (which I can reply to), and says just enough to insult or dismay me, and those reviews become a permanent part of my posted story's stats.

It's the hostile reviews that distract me for days sometimes. What exactly does one achieve by posting a discouraging comment that may be taken as a warning that a prospective new reader should avoid my story? Is it really such a violation that a statement of denouncement must be made?! Well, lo ciento, amigo, its fan fiction, emphasis on the fiction. There are over 750K HP fanfics on fanfiction.net alone. Find another story and get over it. Sheesh!